Favorite categories
of CocaCola collectibles

Because of the sheer quantity and quality of Coca-Cola collectibles that are produced, most Cola collectors tend to focus on and specialize in a certain category of collectibles. Whilst Simon Buckingham is unusual in that he collects any items that are trademarked Coca-Cola, Favorite categories are:

Non-US Coca Cola collectibles

The vast majority of Coca-Cola collectors and Coca-Cola collectibles come from America. The vast majority of pre world war two collectibles are also from America, because Coca-Cola only became more widely available overseas since the 1940s. Not being based in the US, I have difficulty collecting all of the many different commemorative bottles and other items that US bottling companies produce. As such I try to focus on the non-US collectibles which are collected by fewer people, fewer in quantity and often harder to collect because of their scarcity. There are some nice but rare Coca Cola bottles from Eastern Europe for example.

Double Coca Cola Collectibles

People (especially in Asia) tend to seek out collectibles relating to products created in America, such as Disney and McDonalds toys. Jointly branded items such as Coca-Cola Barbie Dolls and Zippo lighters appeal to two sets of collectors and are even more valuable. Other double collectibles include “Beanies” and items relating to Hollywood superstars and films, as well as some of the sports items such as from the Olympics and the Superbowls. Coca-Cola branded toy vehicles and telephone cards also fit the bill as double collectibles.

Cherry Coke Collectables

I love to collect Cherry Coke items because they have only been available since about the time when I started collecting, and because the “alternative cola” positioning of the brand (“Do something different” is a recent advertising catch line) means that there have been a lot of colorful Pop Art cans from places like the UK, US and Germany. I also have some unusual items such as a full size Cherry Coke surfboard which was produced for a surf festival that Coca-Cola sponsored in the UK!

Soccer Cola Collectibles

I love soccer and play a lot myself, so I enjoy collecting lots of items related to, for example, the World Cup that Coca-Cola sponsors. In fact the category of sports collectibles is a very popular one, with many collectors seeking items related to baseball or American football and so on.

Music Coca Cola Collections

If anything, Pepsi has dominated music-related endorsements in the 1990s whereas Coca-Cola has dominated the sports category. But there are a lot of Coca-Cola Compact Discs and other items which have proven to be popular promotional and gift items. In addition, some of the songs from the old Coca-Cola adverts are also available. Indeed, back in the 1950s, Coca-Cola seemed to have an agreement with Metro Goldwyn Mayer, because a lot of the stars tied to that Hollywood studio have posed for adverts endorsing Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola Clothes Collections

I have hundreds of different items of Coca-Cola clothes, from flared trousers to pinafores! Because caps and T-shirts are amongst the most common promotional items, there are literally thousands of different designs. In the late 1980s, Coca-Cola teamed up with a company called Murjani and produced a range of high quality and fashionable clothes such as jeans and sweatshirts. I grew up in these clothes! Apart from that, I try not to wear the Coca-Cola clothes that I collect, for fear of being mobbed by girls (!), and also to keep the collectibles in the best possible condition. The plastic wrap they are packaged in helps to protect them, and I usually leave that intact.

All in all, there are many different categories of Coca-Cola collectibles- people collect Christmas and Santa Claus related items, advertisements, toy vehicles. My advice would be to choose a category you can afford to collect, easily find and are interested in personally. Then start to look out for new pieces. Happy collecting!