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Atlanta’s New Playground for Wine Lovers

Bottle Bank isn’t your traditional wine bar.
We are much more ambitious in nature.

Bottle Bank’s unique 9,000sf combination of an experiential tasting lounge, private event space, and membership-based private wine cellaring will create the premier destination for wine enthusiasts in Midtown Atlanta.

A special place where likeminded individuals collectively enjoying and sharing their passion for wine and the way of life that surrounds it.

A Distinctive Experience

Our 6,000sf tasting lounge and private event space will be beautifully appointed with comfortable seating, creating a “living room” look and feel reminiscent of the great tasting rooms of Napa and Sonoma. The lounge will feature a highly curated wine-by-the-glass program in addition to a robust selection of artisan cheeses, charcuterie, and decadent desserts.

Optional membership will include use of our 3,000sf two-story climate-controlled wine vault for private cellaring, access to our Executive Chef for customizable private dining experiences, exclusive tasting rooms, and member-only events.

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