The Experience

Imagine if a place existed where wine collectors and enthusiasts of all types and levels could come together to enjoy, share, and discuss wine?

A true lounge environment that felt more like the living room in your home than a typical wine bar or restaurant.  One that invited and encouraged a person to sit back, relax, meet new people, and spend time with friends sharing a favorite bottle?

Imagine if this place had the most complete by the glass program in the city, one that was hand selected and frequently rotated and refreshed by the city’s best wine professionals?

Imagine if this place invited the world’s best wine makers to spend the evening in the lounge, walking around pouring their wines and tasting with guests while telling their story?

Imagine if this comfortable environment also included the most robust cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate program in the city…the perfect compliments to enhance the wine drinking experience?

Imagine if this place hosted wine tastings and formal wine dinners with the most admired wineries and wine makers in the world while featuring the most talented guest chefs from Atlanta’s top restaurants?

Imagine if this place also hosted more informal spontaneous “pop up” dinners like burgers and Bordeaux? Pizza and Brunello?

Imagine if this place also solved the problem that many wine enthusiasts have…storage…and offered private climate-controlled wine vaults where collectors could store their prized bottles?

Imagine if this place allowed their vault members to draw bottles directly from their vaults and enjoy them in the lounge with their friends, business associates, and fellow vault members?

Imagine if vault members had their own separate private tasting rooms reserved exclusively for them for when they needed or wanted a space more private or intimate?

Imagine if in addition to providing members with private storage vaults, this place also assisted in growing members’ collections by providing the ability to acquire special allocation offers at preferred discount pricing?

Imagine Bottle Bank…

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