MembershipBottle Bank - Membership - Reserved Sign Securing a Table for MembersThe concept of Bottle Bank was created to serve the interests of it’s membership, established wine collectors, connoisseurs, as well as aspiring enthusiasts, with the need and desire to properly cellar and age their fine wine.

In addition, our goal is to create an experiential wine centric hospitality concept where members can spend time with likeminded individuals collectively enjoying and sharing their passion for wine and the way of life that surrounds it.

Bottle Bank - Membership - Group of Friends Enjoying a Fine Bottle of Wine

Bottle Bank Membership Benefits Include:
  • Private Wine Cellar (pricing based upon capacity)
  • Access to Private Members Only Tasting Rooms
  • Invitations to Private Members Only Events & Tastings
  • Access to Highly Allocated Wines
  • Discounts on Quarterly Bottle Bank Wine & Cheese Clubs
  • Discounts on Wine Purchases

Think about it…

Are you a wine collector or wine enthusiast…established or aspiring?

Have you outgrown your current storage (home cellars/wine fridges)?

Do you have limited space (condo, townhouse, apartment)?

Do you find yourself cancelling wine clubs or passing on your allocations because you have run out of space?

Are you a homeowner in transition with a move, home construction, or renovation?

Are you a second homeowner electing to store your collection at your primary residence while traveling?

Are you a business professional who frequently travels and needs a place to accept your auto shipments and online purchases?

Are you looking for a more unique and memorable way to entertain clients and host your corporate events?

Are you an individual looking to maximize your current home storage by separating your consumption wine from your cellar wine?

Do you just want a beautiful space where you can come hang out with your fellow winos and bottle share?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we invite you to be a part of Bottle Bank.

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